Advancing Mycological Sciences

Harnessing Fungi for Sustainable Innovation

Harnessing fungi’s potential, we pioneer mycology research for sustainable solutions across various sectors. Welcome to the forefront of mycological innovation.

The Sky's The Limit

Scientifically verified for efficacy and purity

Mushroom extracts commonly sold across the world are untested low-quality products. Shroomex is changing the industry with the highest efficacy and concentration of bioactive compounds.

We Solve Real Problems

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We have all mycology products and genetics available in wholesale

Research & Development

Aiding groundbreaking research and development in the mycology field


Expert mycology consulting to guide your success in the complex mycology industry

Contract Manufacturing

Specialised contract manufacturing for mycological solutions

Commercial setups

Transforming commercial landscapes with our mycology setups

Lab Services

Specialists for comprehensive lab contracting services for mycology

Pushing Boundaries in Mycology Research

Advancing Scientific Insights in Fungi

Ryzo Bioscience is revolutionizing mycological research, leveraging genomics and AI to unearth fungi’s untapped potential. Our pioneering studies have far-reaching implications, transforming everything from healthcare to environmental conservation. Discover the power of our groundbreaking projects.

Empowering Through Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Pioneering Progress Together

At Ryzo Bioscience, we believe that progress is a collective journey. That’s why we’re committed to sharing our findings, fostering partnerships, and encouraging a culture of learning within the global mycology community. Together, we can illuminate the path to a better future.

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